Transport Solutions for Logistics

What Are the Different Types of Trucks Used as Transport Solutions for Logistics?

Trucks play a crucial role in the logistics sector, controlling more than 70% of freight transportation. Companies engaged in road transportation prefer trucks as the most feasible transport solution. Their spaciousness, safety, and ability to carry multiple loads securely make trucks one of the most convenient transport solutions for goods to be transported from one state to the other.

When you contact companies with transport solutions in London, you’ll encounter different types of trucks. These trucks have a set of features, and depending on the transportation requirement, the most suitable variant is selected.

What are the different types of trucks used in logistics?

Jumbo trailer trucks

These are heavy-duty trucks, commonly known as road trains. They are heavier and longer than the other types of trucks. They are used to transport huge amounts of freight on a single trip.

They have more than two storage spaces with separate levels and vertices so that different goods can be stored the same way and transported without the fear of the products getting contaminated.

Refrigerated trucks

These trucks are often known as reefer trucks and are majorly used for the transportation of foods, perishable items, dairy products, and fresh fruits. They have a specialised temperature range, which is used for transporting frozen food items to the desired locations.

Tanker trucks

Tanker trucks are specialised trucks used by companies operating in the oil and gas sector, chemical industries, and pharmaceutical companies. They are generally temperature-sensitive and specially designed for transporting liquids and chemicals.

Straight trucks

Unlike the typical heavy-duty trucks, straight trucks are more feasible for the transportation of cabs and cargo that feature a separate cab trailer. These straight trucks are relatively smaller in size compared to tractor-trailers. Moreover, they can easily access urban and suburban areas.

Flatbed trucks

These trucks have an open bed with no sides or roofs around it. If you’re looking to transport oversized and bulky cargo, then this is the best option. Bulky items will not fit within the enclosed premises of the trucks, so flatbed trucks are a feasible option. Moreover, loading and unloading are easy in these types of trucks.

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