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How to Ensure Logistics Help your Business Shine this Summertime

Businesses often experience peaks and troughs as demand rises and falls for their products throughout the four seasons.

The summer – and the lead up to it – can be one of the busiest periods for many companies, manufacturers, brands and retailers.

This summer may be especially busy as most Brits are planning to stay home or holiday in the UK due to the coronavirus restrictions.

So, if you’re a business which experiences a summer rush, keep reading to find out how logistics can help your business shine this summer.

Your Logistics this Summer

Logistics during the summer season require a significant amount of forethought as the demand for many items begins to increase early on.

Since most of the UK is planning for a British summer holiday there’s even greater demand for fun in the sun products this year.

Gardening and landscaping products, outdoor games and toys, bikes and picnic ware are among the many products which saw a big increase in demand in 2020 and will likely see another boom in 2021. Items like camping equipment have also seen a spike in demand as more British families look to enjoy the UK under canvas and are keen to have all their equipment ready.

Seamless logistics will make sure your goods keep pace with demand and satisfy customers.

Successful Summer Logistics

To successfully deal with the challenges that seasonal logistics brings, planning is critical.

Small and growing businesses may be unable to meet the demand of their customers if they have not already produced, stored and distributed suitable stocks in time for the busy seasons.

As online shopping and ecommerce begin to exceed physical retail, it has become more critical than ever to have your customer orders fulfilled quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Outsourcing order fulfilment – especially eCommerce fulfilment – can be a simple but highly effective way to reduce costs and create growth.

With any growing business, you need time to devote to sales, marketing, product development, resource management and expansion. Choosing a trusted and flexible third-party logistics provider frees you to focus on the parts of your business which have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Ramp up for Christmas

The end of the summer season often marks the beginning of the Christmas period.

In the build up to Christmas – and over the festive period – most retail businesses will see a massive increase in demand from their customers. By September or October shops are already selling Christmas stock and customers are ticking off their gift lists.

Customers put high importance on being able to get the goods they want in a timely fashion during the Christmas period, so ensuring your business is prepared by the end of summer for warehousing, pick & pack, order fulfilment and delivery is vital.

The wind down of summer is not a time to take a back seat when organising your business’s logistics. It’s time to re-order, restock and re-focus your ongoing order fulfilment.

Why PF Whitehead Logistics?

Choosing the right partner is critical when entrusting your logistics to a warehouse provider.

At PF Whitehead Logistics we provide warehousing, third-party logistics, pick & pack and fulfilment services from our 500,000 square feet of warehousing in South London.

Our fleet of over 30 vehicles also allows us to receive, store and transport goods across London, the South East, the whole of the UK and beyond. We have extensive experience in the industry with clients including builders’ merchants Travis Perkins, coffee chain Caffè Nero and furniture giants, IKEA.

This summer it’s important to find a logistics provider who can get your materials, goods and products to the right place at the right time. PF Whitehead Logistics can become a true extension of your business and deliver highly efficient and effective logistics which you can rely upon.

More details of PF Whitehead Logistics can be found at www.pfwhitehead.com